Knowledge Transfer Partnerships  

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) are a UK-wide programme that helps businesses to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance by forming a partnership with an academic institution and accessing their knowledge, skills and expertise.

KTP projects apply the world-leading knowledge and expertise of academics to business-critical projects. By forming a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, you will be enabled to access our wide breadth of skills, expertise and talent to help your company develop and grow. 

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Access expertise and innovation for your business through forming a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Edinburgh Napier University.
Linda Wallace, Head of Research Funding and Knowledge Exchange

How KTP benefits business

  • Access experts who can help deliver a step change in your organisation’s capability and performance
  • Access qualified people to spearhead new projects
  • Develop innovative solutions to help your business grow
  • Develop your business for today’s market
  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Improve your performance / business operations
  • Increase profitability

How KTP works

  • Part-funded by Government organisations led by Innovate UK, KTPs involve the forming of a partnership between your company (known as the company partner) and the academic institute (known as the Knowledge Base Partner), enabling you to access skills and expertise to help your company develop
  • The partnership also involves one or more recently qualified people (known as KTP Associates) to facilitate this transfer of skills and expertise
  • The KTP Associate works within your company on a project central to your needs and is jointly supervised by company personnel and a senior academic
  • Projects can be from 1-3 years in length
  • For a discussion on how KTPs might help your business, contact our Business Engagement Team at

KTP funds all sizes of organisations - from charities, SMEs and large multinationals. We also fund all sectors. When Innovate UK are assessing KTP applications, they are essentially looking for three things which are: innovation, impact and challenge.
Serena Broadway, Innovate UK KTN

Support in Scaling UpĀ 

CSY Architects is a team of award-winning architects who work on projects of all sizes and scale. To harmonise their systems and improve efficiencies, they are working with experts at Edinburgh Napier University to introduce and utilise building information modelling (BIM) across the business. 

CSY Architects Case Study
Case Study

Providing Sustainable Solutions

Applying metrics for sustainability is gaining more importance in industries due to the need to control environmental impact and also to comply with legislation. Many businesses do not have the expertise to help make this change. This is where Edinburgh Napier can help.

Stoane LIghting Case Study
Case Study

Revolutionising the Customer Service Experience through AI

Edinburgh Napier University is highly regarded in the evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI), optimisation and ‘machine learning’ research and innovation. We can help businesses with digital transformation and the introduction and implementation of AI optimisation into a company’s products and services.

Verint Case Study
Case Study

Matching Creative Inspiration with Edinburgh Napier Practicality

Through the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programme, Multiply partnered with Edinburgh Napier University experts to develop a rapid, academically robust, real-time, digital consumer tool.

Multiply Marketing Agency Case Study
Case Study

East of Scotland KTP Centre

The East of Scotland KTP Centre is a gateway through which ambitious businesses can access the world-class knowledge and expertise with partner universities, including Edinburgh Napier, to drive innovation and growth while enabling academics to participate in direct impact application of their expertise.

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