Matching Creative Inspiration with Edinburgh Napier Practicality

For many businesses, accessing market intelligence and understanding consumer insights is key for business success, growth and development. Through Edinburgh Napier’s team of data scientists and advanced technology experts, we help organisations develop bespoke, technology tools to support market analysis and digital transformation. 


Multiply, an independent marketing communications agency, wanted to develop a unique consumer insight tool to drive both the expansion and reputation of the Edinburgh-based agency as industry experts in planning and insight.    


Through the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programme, Multiply partnered with Edinburgh Napier University experts to develop a rapid, academically robust, real-time, digital consumer tool.

Valuable and robust marketing solutions 

Multiply is an independent marketing communications agency, based in Edinburgh, that works with a number of well-known global clients, including Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Heinz, Reckitt, and wide range of iconic, Scottish drinks brands.

To better inform and help create more impactful, marketing communications campaigns for clients, Multiply recognised that it needed the ability to access and utilise a consumer insights tool to provide valuable, informative and measured research.

Multiply consulted with Innovate UK and Edinburgh Napier University to develop a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project to devise a solution to this challenge. Working closely with Edinburgh Napier University data scientists and statisticians, Multiply collaborated with our ENU experts, matching their practicality with Multiply’s creative inspiration, to develop and shape software that informed and helped to create a valuable, new consumer insights tool.

Blending consumer research with creativity 

This new consumer insights tool has now been implemented and utilised by Multiply, helping them to blend robust, consumer research with their creativity to build intelligent, campaigns for their clients. Through the tool’s rich consumer research insights, it is ensuring the right target audience is reached for research, and that the collected data is statistically measured, valid, and robust. Having this marketing intelligence developed by ENU statisticians gives Multiply a competitive edge to help deliver clients campaigns, from conception to realisation, with real impact. 

Almost every client I speak to, I say how powerful the Knowledge Transfer Partnership is, and that I'm amazed that not many people in our sector have chosen to do it because it's there to help your business - it's there to give you the competitive advantage.
Dr Mark Fowlestone, Multiply

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

KTP projects apply the world-leading knowledge and expertise of academics to business-critical projects. By forming a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, you will be enabled to access our wide breadth of skills, expertise and talent to help your company develop and grow. 

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships