Revolutionising the Customer Service Experience through AI 

Edinburgh Napier University is highly regarded in the evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI), specifically in optimisation and machine learning. Through our knowledgeable team of experts in computer science, we conduct research into emerging technologies, and can help businesses with digital transformation and the introduction and implementation of AI-based methods into a company’s products and services.


Verint® helps the world’s most iconic brands build enduring customer relationships by connecting work, data, and experiences across the enterprise. More than 10,000 organisations in 175 countries – including over 85 of the Fortune 100 companies – are using the Verint Customer Engagement Platform to draw on the latest advancements in AI, analytics, and an open cloud architecture to elevate customer experience.

Verint® wanted to improve the efficiencies of their existing customer engagement solutions. They were keen to enhance their software product that is used by agents in large call- centres by using AI to enhance the customer experience.


To support this business development and product enhancement, Verint formed a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, accessing and collaborating with computing and AI experts.

Rapid response programming to provide accurate swift solutions   

The  AI experts at Edinburgh Napier University worked with Verint through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership to develop algorithms  that help improve the accuracy and response time for customer queries. 

Achieving higher customer satisfaction 

As a result of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership, the new AI software is empowering the contact centre agent with the data and information needed to quickly understand each customer’s situation and challenges.

Not only has this improved the Verint customer engagement solution, the partnership between Verint and Edinburgh Napier University has helped embed new knowledge and skills into the company, facilitating the future development of new AI solutions by Verint’s own engineers.


This project delivered two things for the company - they got an enhanced product that was able to increase customer satisfaction through the AI that was now in their product; and it also introduced a new practise of working with AI within a company that hadn't done that much of it in the past.
Professor Emma Hart, Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Edinburgh Napier University

Our Centre for Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics

A world-class interdisciplinary hub of academics and experts leading groundbreaking  data-driven, AI and robotics research. Addressing problem-driven and theoretically underpinned research and innovation across a range of real-world applications. 

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