Revolutionising the Customer Service Experience through AI 

Edinburgh Napier University is highly regarded in the evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI), optimisation and ‘machine learning’ research and innovation. Through our knowledgeable team of computing experts, we are on top of the latest emerging technologies, and can help businesses with digital transformation and the introduction and implementation of AI optimisation into a company’s products and services.


Verint Systems UK Ltd wanted to improve the efficiencies of their existing call centre software programme that they supply to a wide variety of companies around the world. They were keen to explore software optimisation through the development and of artificial intelligence (AI) programming into their software product.


To support this business development and product enhancement, Verint Systems UK formed a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, accessing and collaborating with computing and AI experts to develop and introduce an enhanced AI-enabled software programme, helping to improve the overall call centre customer service experience for their global clients.

Rapid response programming to provide accurate swift solutions   

Verint Systems UK Ltd is a global company that supports the world’s most iconic brands build enduring customer relationships by connecting work, data, and experiences across the enterprise. Through their world-leading software, they support call centres around the globe with their customer service enquiry handling.

To improve their existing call centre customer service software product, they connected with AI experts at Edinburgh Napier University. The AI programming developed by Edinburgh Napier University for Verint Systems UK Ltd through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership, uses algorithms and language-based programming to help the call centre agent to answer the questions to the customer in a faster and more accurate way than in the past.

Achieving higher customer satisfaction 

Through both online webchat and telephone customer engagement, this new AI software is empowering the customer service agent to decide speedily what to do next with intelligent prompts and informed options, that it has learnt from programmed intel and previous ‘chat’ communications.

For Verint Systems Ltd, partnering with Edinburgh Napier University has enabled them to improve their software product to enable AI technology, which has as a result, greatly enhanced the overall customer service experience, both in terms of response speed and in offering the right solution, which in turn is delivering higher customer satisfaction for software clients and their customers. 

This project delivered two things for the company - they got an enhanced product that was able to increase customer satisfaction through the AI that was now in their product; and it also introduced a new practise of working with AI within a company that hadn't done that much of it in the past.
Professor Emma Hart, Edinburgh Napier University