Support in Scaling up Solutions 

For organisations wishing to expand and develop, there can often be challenges in finding the right resource and expertise to help facilitate this business growth. This is where a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Edinburgh Napier University can help, giving your organisation access to our Edinburgh Napier expertise and support and guidance with training, development and funding opportunities.


CSY Architects work on projects of all sizes and scale. To harmonise their systems and improve efficiencies, they sought to introduce and utilise building information modelling (BIM) across the business, on all minor to major projects.


Through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, CSY Architects connected with Edinburgh Napier University research experts to develop an innovative and bespoke framework, which included recommendations to enable more effective BIM implementation across their business. 


A collaboration to enable a successful change in systems

CSY Architects is a team of award-winning architects, who apply critical thinking to carefully considered design, delivering projects from home alterations to master planning. With studios in Berwick, Dalkeith, and Galashiels, the business is keen to grow and enhance its capabilities in building information modelling (BIM) systems to allow it to be integrated across projects of all sizes, with a view to improving processes, while in the longer-term, helping position the company to work more efficiently.

To support this change, the business formed a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Edinburgh Napier University, connecting with an academic who has specific research expertise in BIM in small-to-medium-sized-enterprises in the architecture and construction industries.

The KTP project is focused on developing a solution that enhances the company’s capabilities around BIM, so by the end of the process, all CSY Architects’ systems will be comprehensively reviewed and transferred into a new, more efficient and consistent way of working across all projects.

Shaping & steering a system to enhance efficiencies 

Through the partnership, the research academic (known as the KTP associate) has been the key link between the university and the company, by working full-time at CSY Architects and collaborating across the business, from consulting with company directors through to architects, technologists and administrators, to ensure everyone is involved and playing a role in shaping and supporting the success of the project.

It is hoped once the project is completed, the business will achieve its BIM harmonisation and development ambitions, and processes and efficiencies will be enhanced to bring benefits, not only to internal business operations, but to all its clients and the wider profession. 
If you're thinking about getting involved in a KTP project, seize the opportunity. You get fantastic development and training opportunities at early stages of your career, and you get to be involved in shaping a company's strategy and future.
Matthew Orr, KTP Associate, CSY Architects

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

KTP projects apply the world-leading knowledge and expertise of academics to business-critical projects. By forming a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, you will be enabled to access our wide breadth of skills, expertise and talent to help your company develop and grow. 

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships